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  • FRD Studio explains that a Windows Cumulative Update Preview is a pre-release version of a cumulative update provided by Microsoft for testing purposes before its official release to the general public. These previews are typically made available to Windows Insider Program participants, IT professionals, and organizations enrolled in Windows Insider Programs for Business.

    The purpose of Cumulative Update Previews is to allow users and organizations to evaluate upcoming updates, identify potential compatibility issues, and provide feedback to Microsoft before the update is finalized and released to all Windows users. This helps Microsoft ensure the stability, reliability, and compatibility of the update across a wide range of hardware configurations and software environments.

    Cumulative Update Previews may contain bug fixes, security patches, and improvements to the Windows operating system, applications, and system components. By testing these updates in real-world scenarios, users and organizations can help Microsoft address any issues or concerns before the update is officially rolled out to all users through Windows Update.

    Its important to note that Cumulative Update Previews are optional and not automatically installed like regular cumulative updates. Users and organizations can choose whether to install these previews based on their testing and evaluation needs.

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