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  • Anteeksi jo näin alkuun englanninkieli, mutta käännetään sitten vasta jos englanti ei taivu:)

    "There are Two options to try and reinstall Windows - the 2nd is the easiest, but you may want to try the 1st to see if it will save you having to order a replacement set of discs - make sure to back-up any important files first.

    1. If you can still boot in to Windows, hold down the Windows Key and press R. Into the Run Box type compmgmt.msc and hit enter. Click Disk Management in the left pane and when the partitions have loaded, right click the Recovery Partition and mark it as Active. Close all open windows and then restart - if this has worked, the notebook will boot from the Recovery Partition upon restart.

    2. You can order a replacement set of Recovery Discs using the link below."

  • Tuo linkki ei näköjään johda oikeille sivuille, pahoittelut siitä!

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