• Advice for buying or putting together a desktop machine for technical computing

    I live in the Helsinki area.
    My key requirements are a fairly high end Geforce GPU (with 2GB RAM), a good amount of RAM (16GB, perhaps 32GB) and reasonably fast cores. Fast storage is nice to have but less critical.
    Ill use it primarily for machine learning and optimization, which tends to be GPU or CPU intensive. I suspect a reasonably specced machine for graphically intensive gaming wouldnt be too out of place.
    I havent built a desktop since the late 90s. I wonder if thats worth doing these days.
    Im OK with paying a bit more to avoid that sort of hassle, but on the other hand I dont want to end up with something very suboptimal.

    Advice and ideas are warmly appreciated.
    Thanks, Carlos

    advice Desktop GPU technical

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